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* New commission post + more offers + lower prices + my situation. *

Thank to everyone that contributed to my last commission before the changes! As I’ve been practicing lately, and I think I’m able to handle more quality work in a short amount of time. I’ve also lowered the prices for a bit as well.

I was not able to address my current situation as to why I’ve been needing commissions because I felt a bit uncomfortable and I was hesitant releasing personal issues in the open, but I want to emphasize at how urgent it is now that I need money at this point.

  1. I have been away from home for almost 4 months without legal papers. Long story short I’ve run away from my abusive parents due to my mental illness and because of the urgency I left almost all of my belongings back at home including legal papers. I am currently living with a roommate trying really hard to pay for my bare necessities, and as grateful as I am, I do not want to rely on them too much. I need money to hold myself off since I cannot have a job without my SSN (my parents did not allow me to memorize it) as well as to afford new copies of my legal papers so I can get a job soon.
  2. I need mental help and money for medicine. As I addressed earlier, I’ve run away because of my mental illness, and this was because my parents that contributed to my illness did not support me and did not allow me to get help. As I result, I was forced to run away for the sake of my mental health. I need money to get professional mental help in the long run. I am currently in contact with my practitioner who is helping me provide pills for my illness, but I am not sure how I can keep relying on her for free any longer. I wish to pay for my own medicine to ensure that I get them since continued usage is important.
  3. Before I ran away, I was also recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, or hypothyroidism, which forces me a new diet that I cannot afford. My diet consists of gluten-free choices, and because they tend to be more expensive than regular choices, shopping is very hard with little money. This diet is crucial because I am currently not taking any medicine for it, so the only way for me to improve is to adapt to my diet.
  4. I am paying for my own phone bill every month. A simple necessity, I need my phone for emergency purposes. My roommate has work and cannot attend to me 24/7 and I need to keep in contact with some family members and my practitioner. I need to make $50 a month to keep myself at bay.

And that’s all there is to it! I would appreciate any help you can provide and if you cannot help, simply reblogging or spreading the word would be great help!

And as always, prices are under the cut!

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im naming my first child Beatrice but the second one *whispers* is Hikusa

but is it a beatriz beatrice or a beatriche beatrice







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hey guys! i’m gonna take commissions again because i could really, really use new glasses before the school year starts! i’d really appreciate it if you considered commissioning me. you can contact me at the.amberholic@gmail.com. thanks!

omg... hiku, this is the crispy do you remember me,,, how did I lose track of you ;A;



doodle commission 

$10USD lined mid-thigh to full body depending on pose, no background +$5 per additional character

$15USD lined with simple colors mid-thigh to full body depending on pose, no background +$5 per additional character  

personal commission only, cannot be used for commercial purposes. 

I reserve the right to refuse any commission, and commissions I did will be posted on tumblr+personal blog as examples. 

most of the above are phone pictures because I was being lazy but the commissions will be properly scanned o<-<

will do : OC/Fanart (I will tryyy furry, but I’m telling you now it’s not my strongest point)

not do: Mecha, nsfw, SnK, Hetalia

1. email to porifra@gmail.com with

   a.  paypal email address (payment by paypal only)

   b. description of what you want - character, pose, expression, ref images if you have them. if it’s a fanart, please include the work name as well as the character’s name.

2. I’ll email you back with my paypal account

3. you pay

4. I email you the commission within a week of payment.  

 - Frederica Bernkastel Image Song
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Doctrine of the Fundamentally Good (Vocal)

大原さやか - チェイン
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大原さやか - チェイン


Happy Birthday you incompetent piece of poop
I told myself I should try to draw something decent but after working on Beatrice’s dress, I completely lost motivation as you can see


Happy Birthday you incompetent piece of poop

I told myself I should try to draw something decent but after working on Beatrice’s dress, I completely lost motivation as you can see