"i know you want to accept my challenge.….after all….you are the detective.”

"i know you want to accept my challenge.
….after all….
you are the detective.”

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"Vergilius guided Dante to Mount Purgatory… and brought him below the feet of the eternal lady who waited at the top, Beatrice.

Therefore… the innermost depths lay not at the bottom, but at the peak of Mount Purgatory.

The eternal lady had been waiting there for Dante… the whole time…

And then… I… knew.

Ryukishi’s tweets: Family conference 2014 (part 2)


Beato: Everyone is looking at a map in the dining hall. They might solve it! (∂△∂;

Erika: <Now> deciphering the epitaph! @guesthouse (´◉◞౪◟◉)

Natsuhi: MTG with Ronove and Virgilia.

Erika: Solved the epitaph! *cackles* (◞≼◎≽◟◞౪◟◞≼◎≽◟)

Erika: Since I solved it, I’ll finally be able to attend the party! ヽ(*T□T)ノ゙ Maste~r!

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The witch will praise the wise, and should bestow four treasures.
One shall be, all the gold from the Golden Land.
One shall be, the resurrection of the souls of all the dead.
One shall be, even the resurrection of the lost love.
One shall be, to put the witch to sleep for all time.

Sleep peacefully, my most beloved witch, Beatrice.

Happy Mass Murder days everyone!


Happy Mass Murder days everyone!

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Please forgive me for pushing my worries onto you, while I alone try to find happiness.

From this day forward, you have the right to hate everything.
From this day forward, you are the Golden Witch, Beatrice.

From this day forward, you will no longer be me.
From this day forward, I will no longer be you.
The two of us shall split apart a single soul and share it.
And though, of course, neither of us will possess a complete soul…
I’m sure our dreams will be more numerous than those of humans.

Let us be blessed, my dearest… Beatrice…

No one will be able to see your form.
However, I alone can see you.
And if you are loved by many people…
I’m sure that everyone will be able to see you someday.

With love, they will be able to see us…



On October 4th 1986, 18 people were locked away in a world between fantasy and reality. Please reblog this if you or someone you know have been attacked by witches. Witches are evil and unstoppable and can crush you with cake. 93% of you won’t reblog this because they were drowned in a sea of gelatin. 6% have already been locked away for all eternity in a Schrödinger’s cat box. Will you be in the 1% who opens the box and deny witches?

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"My readers only pretend to read my books. They buy them just based on the name of the author and think that they’ve actually read them. No matter what I write, they don’t truly think about anything. They just pretend so they can look smart and knowledgeable and keep up with the current fad.

Am I supposed to expose myself to such people? Why indulge in such trash?”

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Well, it’s October 5th.
Who has survived the first twilight?
Not that it matters.
When the witch revives, none shall be left alive.

Have some music to set the mood.

not even small bombs can save us now

not even small bombs can save us now

Ryukishi’s twitter: Family conference 2014


Battler: Solving the epitaph with everyone~ (*´∀`*)

Jessica: Uwah, forgot to stick a tag* back there. I’m solving the epitaph with everyone again. Also, seems like it’s gonna rain tomorrow! ヽ(`Д´)ノ

Erika: Cruising by boat, using the trip to get over unrequited love. (;ーдー)-3

Kinzo: Playing chess with Nanjo. Likely going to lose (°◇°;)

Genji: I shall go cover Rosa-sama with a blanket.

(*TN: Ryukishi forgot to tag Battler’s statement with #親族会議2014 (family conference 2014))

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When the seagulls cry, there are no survivors.